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Carley 9 days ago

Cookie Dough

it's so hard to find good gluten free pastries but this cupcake shop absolutely knocks it out of the park. The cookie dough gluten free/vegan cupcake is by far my favorite and hands down the best gluten free cupcake that I've ever had. The cake is moist and stays together which is difficult to find with gluten free, the frosting goes perfectly with it and the sugar crystals on top give it an amazing little crunch. There are plenty of other gluten free/vegan flavors I can't wait to go back and try them all eventually!!

Holly 16 days ago


By far the best carrot cupcake in all of CT. Have never been disappointed with any flavor we have tried. Great customer service at all locations we have been too and get very excited to see Nora truck at events.

Oliviagriswold26 17 days ago

Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion

LIFE 👏🏻 Changing 👏🏻 I developed an autoimmune disease that didn't allow me to have gluten or dairy and was so upset thinking about the yummy treats I was losing out on. Their vegan gluten free cupcakes were exactly what I needed to cheer me up. The chocolate cupcake is rich but not overwhelming and the peanut frosting/filling is like literal silk in your mouth. Wonderfully indulgent and completely satisfying. Thank you Nora's for giving me back baked goods!

Trickee706 21 days ago


nora's ding-a-lings are my favorite off the entire menu!! we know nora's cupcakes are the best around,but have you tried the ding-a-lings?! you must!! they are reminiscent of your favorite childhood snack cake...but better!! it's perfectly balanced in it's textures and flavors with the airy cakes, creamy center, and crisp chocolate coating. 10/10

Kaitlindouglas 28 days ago


So yummy with the perfect amount of sweet !

Tiffany 29 days ago

Rainbow Cake

The rainbow cake is amazing! We even got the rainbow cake cup which is heaven. Im looking forward to getting more cakes in the future!

Decostanathan about 2 months ago

Irish Car Bomb

THE BEST CUPCAKE i have ever had! definitely would recommend for your next visit!

Jen about 2 months ago

Boss Chick

Absolutely Delicious! From the moscato cake to the cream cheese frosting and finally the gold topping. Spot on! One of the best red velvet cupcakes I've had!!! :)

Holly about 2 months ago

Caramel Macchiato

Best ever caramel macchiato cupcake. The caramel is absolutely buttery and has just the right sweetness. Paired great with a caramel macchiato coffee

Anastasia 2 months ago

Boss Chick

Haven't had a bad cupcake from noras, but the boss chick is by far my favorite!

Carissa 2 months ago

Red Velvet Cheesecake

My husband and I were walking on Banks street in New London, we passed Nora cupcake company and decided to try it. I got red velvet cheesecake. The flavor was to die for, the surprise filling in the middle made my day. The cupcake was moist, The frosting was amazing and had the perfect amount. Sometimes when you get a gourmet cupcake, they skimp on the frosting, but this wasn't the case. The staff member was very sweet, the seating was cute and I loved the feel of the place. My husbands birthday is this Friday, and when I asked what kind of cake he wanted, he requested a dozen assorted cupcakes from Nora. We are definitely lifelong Nora fans.

Dm 2 months ago

Cookie Dough

The most amazing GF cupcake ...or cake... I have tasted. I even shared some to show a friend how good it was! They coukdnt believe it was gf. I cant wait to come back for more!

Namu 3 months ago

Death by Chocolate

Death by chocolate?!?!? Death by deliciousness!!!! By far one of my favorite Nora cupcakes. Love the pudding filling and the heath bar chunks! You have to try.

Jessgero 3 months ago

Boss Chick

This is actually about the west hArtford pop up but regardless I am still stalking your website debating what day I want to make the hour trek down to the Middletown location so I can get some of your delicious cupcakes!! We went 3 times when you had the pop up location- I'm coming in from Wilbraham, ma. Don't even know how I really found out about Nora cupcakes but now that I know it exists it's legitimately the only "good" cupcake I know of!!! The cake is so fantastic and fluffy and the frosting is impeccable. I'd imagine I probably pass 100 bakeries getting to your locations but it is a no brainer!! Cupcakes so good you can make a day trip out of them ❤️

Bkarklel 3 months ago

Whoopie Pies

amazing, these treats are so good. you will have to try one to know what i am talking about. buy some for friends and family and they will love you forever. noras has taken these whoopie pies to a whole new level try one ot two and you will know what i mean

Holly 3 months ago

Bananas Foster

Best banana foster cupcake ever puts Dallas Tx to test. Love the variety of cupcakes and original flavors Nora's has to offer.

Ellie 3 months ago

Mexican Wedding

This is one of my favorites. It's decorated beautifully, the frosting is delicious, and the spice from the cayenne gives it such a unique flavor.

Bill801 3 months ago

Triple Chocolate

Well, the name says it all. A few years ago, I ordered several dozen of the Triple Chocolate for my 60th birthday party, and the guests just raved. Not recommended for those who don't enjoy chocolate. But for the rest of us...yow!!

Shalondaboykin32 3 months ago

Red Velvet Cheesecake

I had the Red velvet cheesecake cupcake omg out of this world so good definitely gonna get some more. Definitely recommend customers try the red velvet cheesecake cupcake

Ashleyluongo 15 days ago

Fat Elvis


Peachesfordays 17 days ago

Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion

Oh my... one of the best cupcakes I ever tried! Who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter exploding in their mouth?! I will def be back to have it again.

Mikeaboumrad12 20 days ago

Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion

All the treats from Nora's are amazing but the chocolate PB explosion is definitely one that stands out. A must everytime i visit Nora's.

Kaitlin 22 days ago

Peppermint Pattie

What an absolutely fantastic cupcake. My fiance and I moved here just a few months ago, and i was craving something sweet - a quick google search, and we were on our way to this idyllic cupcake shop on main street middletown. One bite and I was hooked! Keep doing what you're doing, because it is out of this world!

Dsirois 29 days ago

Coffee Caramel Toffee

If you have never tried death by chocolate, this is it in cupcake form. The frosting is amazing with a caramel/toffee flavor on a super moist choc cupcake with toffee pieces sprinkled on it. I am in love.

Klewis219 30 days ago

Cookie Dough

If I could eat at least one of the cookie dough cupcakes a day, every day, for life, my life would be complete. These were mini cupcakes at my wedding & believe me when I tell you these cupcakes were a huge hit! However, cookie dough was hands down my favorite. There was so much frosting on top, which is usually too overwhelming for me, but this cupcake had me wishing there was more. When I bit into the cupcake, the frosting had me in heaven. Then next thing I know I'm tasting a huge explosion of cookie dough. There was a huge chunk of cookie dough in the center!!!! Unbelievable. I want to go back & also marry these cupcakes.

Dnchr about 2 months ago

Birthday Cake

Always perfect fresh and delicious !! And they are beautiful!

Nicole about 2 months ago


Always my favorite choice at NoRa's Middletown!! Always tasty enough frosting on top and fluff filling!! what is not to love!!!!!!

Jill 2 months ago

Boss Chick Cake


D 2 months ago

50 Shades Of Chocolate

My fiancé and I stopped in to split a cupcake but we couldn't resist and ended up buying 6. every single one was absolutely perfect. they were both delicious and surprising. the flavors were perfect and the cupcakes themselves were the perfect size to split so we each got to enjoy them all. I'll be contacting them soon to talk about providing cupcakes for my wedding because they were just too tasty not to share with our family and friends!!

Shanleighconnors 2 months ago

The Beast Cake

The Beast is by far one of the best cupcakes/desserts I've ever eaten- nothing compares to it! I regularly check the daily cupcakes to see when it's available so i can get my beast fix.

Jennifersawka 3 months ago


Adorable and delicious! The Cupcakes from Nora cupcake company are amazing!

Singitanna 3 months ago

Boss Chick

Oh my gosh! This cupcake was to just melt into icing for! I'm a cupcake connissioer if I must say so myself 😉 but Nora's just blows every other cupcake I've ever had out of the water! I'm glad I live 5 min away from the New London location. If you haven't been here yet, I'd highly recommend going ASAP! And when you go, order every flavor! They change the flavors every day, rotating between what seems like over 50 different flavors!

Taneta 3 months ago

Graveyard Dirt

So good. I bought this thinking i was going to shate with my son. I took 1 bite and next thing i knew, half of the cupcake was gone. I took 1 more bite and next thing the whole cupcake was gone. It was delicious and I enjoy trying all of the flavors. This was delicious and yummy.

Ampembroke 3 months ago


Snickers overload is the best cupcake I have ever had!! The Carmel filling is delicious and the hard chocolate shell is really want makes it extra special. Went to have that one every day!

Holly 3 months ago

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

By far the best chocolate raspberry cupcake ever. Outs Godiva raspberry truffle to the test. All cupcakes we have had to date are wonderful and the staff in Middletown is always friendly and accomadating. Go get your sweets on at Nora's

Ellie 3 months ago

Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion

My fiancé is addicted to this one! I always bring one home for him when they are in stock.

Elisabeth 3 months ago

Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion Cake

This is the best cake i have ever tried. The peanut butter is perfect and the chocolate is just right. It all hits the right notes without being to sweet. Will absolutley be ordering this again.

Ekcunni 3 months ago

Oreo Mudslide

OMG... I've tried several cupcakes from Nora's over the years, but the Oreo Mudslide cupcake is definitely the best. If you see it on the menu, GO GET ONE. Trust me.


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